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Maintenance & Repairs

General Maintenance 

If your panels are not producing as much energy as they once were,

or as much as you want them to, we can troubleshoot and assess

what the issue might be, then schedule maintenance or repairs. 

Remove & Reinstall

If you are looking to repair or replace your roof, we can remove your

current solar panels, and re-install them once your new roof

is installed. 

Panel Upgrades or additions

Most panels have a lifetime of at least 25 years, but life happens. 

Sometimes they are damaged, or your energy needs change. If you

are looking to replace inefficient, or damaged panels, or add to your

current system to increase your energy production, we can help.  

Inverter Replacement

We can replace or repair your inverter if it is in need of maintenance . And if you are unsure whether your inverter is under warranty, we can help you find out.

solar panel cleaning

While it may be tempting to regularly wash your panels to keep them looking shiny and bright (they're pretty good looking after all), odds are in most situations it may not be necessary. While anything standing between your panel and the sun will decrease the output from your system, in most normal circumstances, it won't be by much - at least not in the case of a normal amount of dust and dirt. However, there may be rare occasions where it could be helpful. For example, if your system is not angled or has been exposed to an abnormal amount of dirt. If you think your panels may be in need of a cleaning (or if you just want one), reach out to us and we can help!


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