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Aloe Solar installation

Power for People
and the planet

To get to the renewable energy future our planet needs tomorrow, we need everyone's help today. At Aloe Solar our purpose is to make going solar more accessible, so that everyone can be part of the solution. 

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IMPACT.By installing an average-sized solar system, you can reduce carbon emissions by 1.7 tons per year. This not only reduces the demand for fossil fuels but also helps lower your carbon footprint. Moreover, over the lifetime of the system, it has the potential impact of planting 322 trees, making a significant difference for tomorrow that you can achieve today.

SAVINGS.By going solar, you can potentially save between ten to twenty thousand dollars on your utility bill over the lifespan of your solar system. In addition to this significant savings, if you go solar today in California, you may qualify for current tax incentives. These incentives can earn you a Federal tax credit equivalent to 30% of the cost of your solar system. By taking advantage of these benefits, you not only save money, but you also contribute to saving our planet's tomorrow.

Investment.While going solar can be a significant investment, the advantages it offers are equally substantial. Apart from helping reduce your carbon footprint and decrease the demand for fossil fuels, going solar can significantly increase the value of your home. By choosing to invest in solar energy, you can take pride in contributing to a better future for our planet today.

Community.Going solar in your community today, can have a big impact tomorrow on communities around the world that are most devastated by the effects of climate change. The installment of one solar system has a measurable impact. So you can feel good knowing that by going solar you are doing something that contributes to the wellness of not only people, but also the planet. 

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Install solar on your home or business throughout the Los Angeles and Ventura County areas. 


While it's not always necessary, there may be times where cleaning your panels might optimize your panel efficiency. 


Repair, add on, or upgrade your current system.

battery storage

Take control of your power by installing battery storage. 


Go Solar in 2023 and take advantage of the 30% federal tax credit

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Aloe Solar About Us


Aloe solar is a small family run business, working out of the Santa Clarita Valley, and services the greater Los Angeles, Ventura, and Bakersfield areas. We have three kids and are driven by the desire to protect their futures from the impacts of climate change. We believe that big problems require big solutions. To solve a problem as big as climate change, we need a solution that is bigger, and at Aloe Solar Inc. we believe that everyone deserves to be part of that solution.  Our dream is to build a solar company that is more inclusive by offering affordable solar solutions to homeowners and businesses so that anyone who wants to go solar, can go solar. We are committed to never putting profit ahead of doing what's best for people, or the planet, and taking the actions needed today, to make a better tomorrow. 

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